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Backstage; a Sum of Parts

A Norlha scarf is a sum of many parts.

The sum is a scarf, an item of clothing, a blanket, an object of beauty and comfort; a fashion statement that can be snuggled in and cherished for years to come.

The parts are many; the exceptional fiber; the animal that bore that fiber and let it molt for human hands to collect, spin and weave; the high plateau with its endless expanse of grassland, habitat to the yak, with its intense cold that caused the yak to grow its dense, insulating layer of khullu; the men and women who left their hard existence on the pasture to dedicate their skill and effort to spin, weave and felt this fiber; Norlha’s resourceful team who runs a vertical operation in the village of Ritoma, designing, producing, marketing, selling and distributing our products from the inception to the photo shoots that will bring to life Norlha’s image as a Tibetan brand distributed worldwide.

The following are a few images that illustrate the parts, not only the steps that lead to the making, but the talent, resourcefulness, positive feeling and enthusiasm that have driven the Norlha team’s creative energy, resulting in the scarf, blanket or jacket that brings you comfort and pleasure.