Norden Camp

The majority of Norlha’s employees were nomads at some point in their lives, and many were for most of their adult lives. When they first started work at Norlha, I would ask them what it was that they missed most about life as a nomad. The answer was summer time; the flowers, the smell of the earth, the breeze and the chirping of birds, life re-emerging from its long winter slumber.

I then realized that the essence of being a nomad is their connection to nature. Wanting to share this with the outside world, we created Norden Camp.

Norden is a nomad winter grazing ground situated in a valley among bushes, trees and streams. We chose this beautiful site for our camp to bring people back to what so many of us have lost touch with; nature. At Norden, our children can put aside their electronic gadgets and run in the grass barefoot, splash in the streams, and see baby yak and sheep, wild hare and pheasants, and pick wild flowers. Luxury at Norden Camp is not so much that of your typical five star accommodation but rather an opportunity to reconnect with nature in comfort. Staying in a wooden cabin filled with the scent of pine, wrapped in yak khullu blankets handmade at Norlha Atelier, our guests can immerse themselves in life’s simple pleasures; watching a storm move across the sky from the windows of their bedroom or from the bar or lounge, enjoying the warmth of the stove after a day spent outdoors riding horses or hiking, gazing at the stars around the bonfire, listening to the chatter of the early morning birds, passing by a yak family on the way to the lounge.

Norlha’s cuisine is, as the French would say, from the terroir, unique to ingredients available on the Tibetan Plateau. It is a celebration of the plateau’s offerings and a challenge to our creativity. Norden camp is an ideal destination for foodies from around the world, who will find joy in our tasty meals and creative cocktails. Norden Camp is Norlha’s sister company. While the latter allows nomads to be in touch with the outside world, the former allows visitors to step into the world of the Tibetan nomad, nature and the Tibetan Plateau.