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Song of Spring

Spring is a crucial time for nomads. Though the warming weather and the thawing ice bring a positive note, spring is also marked by herds of yak and sheep weakened and worn by the harsh plateau winter. The dris and ewes have born calves and lambs, and desperately need green grass to feed their young. Instead, they face brown hills the color of dust. Nomads anxiously gaze westward, scanning the horizon for a hint of snow bearing clouds.

Welcome snowfall is essential for survival; it gently graces the bare grassland with moisture, coaxing the grass out of the hard winter ground. Less welcome are blizzards, whose harshness strips the plateau, depriving the herds of even the meager leftovers from fall.

Norlha’s Feather Song of Spring scarf is inspired by the gentle drifts of spring snow. The tie-dyed thread runs a soft and subtle pink down the scarf reminding one of light spring snowflakes. It takes a dyer several hours to prepare the white thread, the rarest of yak wools, for this scarf, and a weaver perfect skill to weave it. Our Song of Spring scarf commemorates nature and the power it has over all our lives.