Life around Norlha

At the end of each year, Norlha weaves a special limited edition collection. It can be scarves, shawls or blankets. This year, we went a little crazy and created ‘Infinite Mix’, several pencil scarves sewn into one their colors mixing and merging, fringes popping from all sides…and the middle.

Woven from 100% Khullu, single or double sided, the concept was not only infinite in mix and color, but also in creativity…

Norlha is about the skill of artisans and precious raw materials. The men and women who spin, weave, felt, sew and knit were all nomads earlier in their lives, and most have relatives who still are. Only their work and lifestyle have changed and they dwell in the same environment and work alongside the people they grew up with.

Our spinners, weavers, knitters, tailors and felters were all trained at Norlha and have achieved the level of skill it took to create a presence for Norlha in the luxury market. As 2019 begins, we celebrate their talent and look forward to an exciting year of achievement, new developments and creativity.

Joyful and vibrant, like the shrieks of pleasure their little beany-clad wearers emit running through the autumn pasture, their diminutive scarves flying behind them; fun, bright and no impediment to play. Slow-moving Yaks nibbling on the last bounties of fall, golden grass, the ghostly white winter flowers, the snow-covered peaks all fly by them as they frolic, leap and run. A scarf or a beanie for the mother or father and one for the child; matching for big and small

Playful and bold, Metro Zen marks the colors of the Plateau fall, its most vibrant season. Summer tries to linger, finding a multitude of ways to ease away from the pasture’s dominant green into more subdued teals and rich shades of yellow and ochre. Beginning in September, the pasture gradually turns from bright green to yellow with a rich palate of color around and in between; aqua grasses mark the change of season in the wetlands while turquoise lakes shimmer reflecting the cloudless skies.

Norlha marks the change in season by remembering the bright greens of summer and welcoming the brilliant colors of fall. Metro Zen brings the grassland into the city, and with it, its exuberance and joy into your life.

Reborn is red, orange, the exuberant colors of autumn, of the flames that bring warmth in winter. Reborn is the red of monasteries that brings peace of mind. Reborn is also renewal, hope and change. At Norlha, we have based our new collection on these principles, symbolized by the soft reds and oranges and the new ways of the Norlha women on their motorcycles.

When we established Norlha eleven years ago, most men and women had to travel from their outer winter hamlets up to eight kilometers away. The men rode their bikes and the women walked, over an hour, at dawn and dusk, summer and winter. Things have changed. Many couples have built houses nearby, and women have begun riding motorbikes, making long journeys short, and no longer having to rely on brothers, husbands or fathers to take them from one place to another.