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Life around Norlha

Norlha began felting yak khullu in 2012, and soon developed its unique methods, a combination of technology and traditional know how. From this came a wide range of fabrics used for the home or made into clothes and accessories, which tested the boundaries of this medium in terms of thickness and usage

Last year we tried something new; panels representing views of the Plateau intricately crafted into felt tapestries. Dechen’s sister Sonam abstracted scenes into stratas that could be interpreted into silhouettes or layers of colored felt, which was dyed then carefully placed on a glass table before being hand felted. They include panoramas and silhouettes, and convey the richness and warmth of both the material and the subject. The technique takes the eye of an artist combined with the skill and sophistication of our artisans. We look to develop and fine tune this project and make it into a unique art form.