The Norlha Blanket

For Norlha, a beautiful blanket celebrates the exceptional qualities of yak khullu bringing out the richness and warmth of the fiber to its fullest. Blankets are a new concept on the Plateau. Nomads are practical people who lived with what best suited their lifestyle. In the old days, people slept in sheepskin lined cloth which they snuggled in like in a sleeping bag, or, in deep nomad areas, walked and slept in different forms of sheepskins; sewn into clothing, or used as mats. Woven cloth, the finest made from handspun lamb’s wool woven on back strap looms, were highly prized items used to make summer chubas, for both men and women. The closest object to a blanket would be a cheese cloth, a rough, blanket like textile woven from coarse sheep wool and yak hair used for wrapping possessions when moving or to dry cheese.

Through innovation, skill and creativity, Norlha transformed yak khullu to perfection. Norlha blankets are among our finest offerings; our handspun collection melts in the hand and surrounds one cocoon style in a cloud of comfort. Bold or subtle in color, they reflect the hues of the changing pasture.