Norbu Wraparound Scarf

Color: Natural Brown

Inspired by the sheepskin chuba's worn by Tibetan Nomads, and named after Norlha's poodle. Each tassel is hand twisted, a process that takes two days. During the weaving process each tassel is individually slipped in to the weave. Fur without the skin, a wild look with a peaceful intent. Norbu is an example of the finest crasftmanship, and the warmest of winter wraps. 

Composition: 100% Yak Khullu
Weight: 720grams
Size: 35 x 180cm
Finishing: 4cm Unknotted fringe
Origin: Handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau

Norlha is responsible for our impact on the environment, our employees, the community, and our customers.

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