Cloud Cape

Colour: Ice Grey
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A luxuriously soft cape in over-brushed natural white yak khullu and silk with a detachable hand-knitted collar. The cape can be left unbuttoned and draped over the shoulders or fastened at the sides and worn as an oversized jumper. With horn buttons, hand-stitched welt seaming throughout, and hand-sewn silk-khullu facings to finish.

The natural white khullu used to make this cape is exceptionally rare, as only one in every thousand yak possesses a white coat. Used only occasionally at Norlha Atelier, white khullu is either left in its natural state or dyed to achieve a rich, even tone.

This item is currently available in size M, while sizes S and L are made to order. Please see the size guide to find your correct size.
We produce limited numbers of each style to keep our manufacturing processes sustainable and to avoid overproduction. As every Norlha item is created and finished by hand by our small team of artisans, please allow two extra weeks when ordering made-to-order items.

Composition & care

- Composition: 85% yak khullu, 15% silk
- Base Colour: Natural White Base
- Care: Use a mild detergent or regular shampoo and carefully hand-wash by submerging in cold water for 10–15 minutes. Alternatively, dry clean or machine wash using the cold, delicate setting. Dry flat or on a clothesline away from direct sunlight; do not wring dry or tumble dry. To keep the fibre in optimal condition, gently steam iron. During the warmer months, clean and store your scarf in a ziplock bag, preferably with moth repellent.

Garment journey

- Provenance: Handwoven at Norlha Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau using yak khullu sourced from local nomad cooperatives and responsibly sourced silk from Zhejiang.
- Base colour: Yaks typically have a dark brown coat, but they can also be found in grey and, very rarely, in golden brown and white. Our artisans work with all four yak wool shades, which are either left in their natural state, combined to create different tones, or dyed.
- Yak khullu: This cape was made using the khullu of 4 yak. Khullu is the ultra-fine, downy undercoat that keeps yak insulated during harsh Tibetan winters. Each summer, the yak naturally shed this down, which is then carefully collected by hand.
- Technique: Handwoven and Hand sewn
- Artisans & Processes: A team of 24 artisans handmade this scarf at Norlha Atelier. During its production, it went through 20 highly specialised processes.
- Shipping: All orders are packed with care and shipped from our atelier on the Tibetan Plateau.

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