The LA home of Ryan James Caruthers and Jon Anthony — Photography by Ryan James Caruthers 

Home is a word with many meanings — a place to rest and renew, to gather and grow, connect and commune. It means different things to different people at different times, making it a constant source of fascination and inspiration. Through this series, we explore the meaning of home through the eyes and words of creative people who move, intrigue, and energise us.

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In this edition, we speak with Ryan James Caruthers and Jon Anthony — a creative couple sharing a home in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Ryan is a talented photographer and art director whose eye for beauty, balance, and intimacy comes through in the photographs he took for this feature. Jon is a designer for the LA-based architecture and interior design firm, Studio Shamshiri. Through collected items, art pieces, and objects that carry many memories, they have created a space that is an ever-shifting blend of them both.


What does home mean to you? 

"Our home is designed with objects, items, and artifacts that conjure emotion. Some objects come intertwined with memories, while others will build their own over time. Home is all about the shared experience of living in a space that is a reflection of both of us."


How do you make a space feel comfortable and welcoming?

"It can be difficult to strike a nice balance between a space feeling comfortable while also feeling sophisticated. Objects and accessories such as textiles, blankets, and paintings help to add a bit of warmth to a space that might lean a little sterile or cold."

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As a couple, how do you combine both of your tastes and belongings to create a home that feels like it belongs to both of you?

"Our home is constantly in flux — whether this is due to finding a new object or piece of furniture, or from being inspired by a book or an archival image that pushes us to want to alter our space and create visual change. 

We are lucky to have a nice overlap in personal style that also leaves space for objects and furniture that are representative of our individuality. Almost everything we add to the space individually can still complement one another, and we are fortunate that our styles have grown together and that we have learned to lean into one another in certain moments. There can be a nice romance in the way in which objects interact with each other, especially when they come from different places and past experiences."

Tell us about an item or object in your home that you have cherished over the years. Where did it come from? How long have you had it for? Why is it so precious to you?

Jon — "When traveling in France last summer, I came across a pair of vintage silver fish tongs found at the markets in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. They were too enticing to pass up, and are a nice keepsake from a beautiful trip."

Ryan — "For my birthday last year, Jon gifted me a beautiful Italian pewter frame with an image of us from a Photo Booth we had taken a few years back. I am so grateful to have an image that was always special to me immortalized in such a precious way."

Can you each walk us through a ritual from your day that makes you feel grounded or brings you joy? 

"In the morning, Jon tends to lie on the balcony and sunbathe with our bull terrier, Winnie. It’s a nice moment to soak up the silence of the morning and mentally prepare for the day. 

Ryan tends to take deep pleasure in a structured multi-step skincare routine. He finds something hypnotic about the ritual of skincare and the act of cleansing. "

 You both work in very creative spheres — where do you draw your inspiration from?

"We have always been collectors of printed matter — we tend to buy books wherever we go. We’ve even had to empty our luggage to be able to haul books home after trips abroad. We find inspiration in every discipline — whether it’s a vintage ornate stencil catalog, a photo monograph, or a rare book on stone-cut art prints."

What is one thing that is making you smile at the moment? 

"Los Angeles is getting warm again… the sun is peeking out after a few months of hiding behind the clouds and the rain. 

Ryan has his debut photo monograph of landscape images coming out this month with Forma Editions, and after years of work, it’s a moment of relief to finally see it in the flesh."