Tibetan folk literature is full of monsters, and many are friendly.  Yetis are well known on the Tibetan Plateau but unlike wolves  and the legends that spread in the West,  will not snatch pastor's sheep or yaks. Spotting one is rare, since they are more furtive than marmots, and certainly less noisy. They are not nearly as big as described by European authors or frightened travellers (who may confuse them with Brown Bears) and live their own lives, mostly not bothering anyone or anything, in rocky areas high in the pasture.
Often children out minding sheep and yaks in very isolated spots will see Yetis and even get to know them. These Yetis, made by Norlha’s women tailors from yak felt, were modeled on the childhood memories of a Norlha Guard, a secret he kept jealously until he decided to share it, mostly for the sake of his grandchildren.
Left: Small Yeti Toy in pink. Right: White Yeti Toy