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At Norlha, we believe in the exceptional qualities of a rare fiber, in the skill of our dedicated artisans, and the creation of superior products. We also believe that the success of such an endeavor relies on a happy and empowered workforce, one who can stay rooted in their culture while gaining exposure from the world around them. We honor each of these guiding principles equally and without compromise.

The story of Norlha

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Norlha Artisans & Their Families

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About the founders

The concept behind Norlha was formulated and implemented by Kim Yeshi. Kim studied anthropology at Vassar College (BA) and Buddhism at the University of Virginia (MA). Kim has lived for 30 years in Asia where she has researched and produced textiles and handcrafts.

Dechen is the product of two cultures, Tibetan and Euro/American. She makes a perfect bridge between the Tibetan village community and the demands of the modern luxury market. Dechen and Kim are a close-knit team who work together seamlessly.

Dechen graduated from Connecticut College where she majored in Asian studies and film. She has lived in Amdo since 2005 when she began to research the economics and dynamics of the region. She single-handedly trained all the staff and established the infrastructure for the Norlha workshop.

Norlha's Elements


Remarkable animal, exceptional fiber

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Creation, innovation and transformation

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Providing livelihood and continuity

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Awards & Certifications

United Nations Development Programme Award

1.618 Sustainable Luxury Award & Certified

B-Corp Certified

Positive Luxury Certified


Between the years of 2008 and 2015, Norlha worked primarily with fashion houses in Paris bringing handwoven yak khullu scarves from the Plateau to the fashion boulevards of the world. 

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