"Few people know nomads can make such beautiful products. People don’t know they have been doing it for centuries."
"In case you were wondering what the chicest and coziest scarf to wear for this awfully chilly start to spring looked like, this is it."
"Somewhere in the Land of Snows, in a small village away from it all, you can hear music from another time..."
"We are a new model for development - we are not an NGO and we don’t fit the traditional business model, but hover somewhere in between."
"Nomadism has been threatened since young people prefer to go into exile in the Chinese megacities to find work. Thanks to Dechen's project, the Norlha workshop allows nomads to stay on their land, in the heart of high wild pastures, while practicing an activity derived from their culture."
"Few people know nomads can make such beautiful products. People don’t know they have been doing it for centuries."
"Norlha is timeless. Once you own a Norlha, it is your companion, it will travel with you through your life. It is something that can pass into the hands of your children and your grandchildren. It will come with a story and will enrich with your story and those of your children." "Norlha products are about contributing to the life of the maker and that of the consumer."
"The intention behind the Norlha project is to capitalize on these raw materials by transforming them in their place of origin, generating employment and bringing life back to dwindling village communities"
"We want to make sure that people who collect fibers and turn them into luxury products are local Tibetans," Yeshi says, "and that the profit would go solely to the villagers - a big challenge for the workshop, but that's also what sets us apart from other producers."
""Khullu is a soft fiber with insulating qualities, and the best khullu comes from a two year-old yak that sheds its coat in the spring. The undercoat can only be collected by hand, a little at a time, as it loosens through the shedding process."
"Beautifully designed, crafted using traditional methods, culturally and environmentally sustainable..." "These are just some of the reasons why we love Norlha Textiles, a luxury textile company that employs Tibetan nomads on the high plateau to process and transform the fiber from their yaks into beautiful and sophisticated goods of extraordinary quality."
"Dechen Yeshi is a true inspiration and the driving force behind the company. She started Norlha with her mother and now lives permanently in Gansu, ensuring that their founding principles are adhered to." "We believe Norlha produces some of the most beautiful textiles in the world and are delighted to be able to include them in our range."
"One of the ways we foster a healthy work environment is by providing our workers with two meals a day, and we try to incorporate as many nutritious elements as possible. We cannot get brown rice or flour, so we make bread with barley flour and serve a lot of vegetables, fruits and proteins like tofu."
"...von Rechenberg also produces yak wool clothing with fabric sourced from Norlha, a brand created by a French-Tibetan husband-and-wife team that employs nomads in the western province of Gansu to produce scarves, clothing, and other textiles out of the material. Originally focused almost exclusively on Europe and the United States and popular with celebrities such as Tilda Swinton, Norlha now sees about half of its sales from China through e-commerce, local pop-up shops, and its boutique and eco-tourism camp in Gansu."
"Norlha’s clients now include Parisian fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, and Balmain, yet it’s in Zorge Ritoma where the company’s impact is most felt. Yeshi estimates about half of the village’s families have a member employed by her workshop. Nearly everyone is impacted by the business."
"Norlha is a story of beauty, tradition, self sufficiency and hard work, each of these things is woven into each and every Norlha scarf, shawl, wrap and throw."
"Norlha stands as an outstanding example of traditional craftsmanship and sustainability, and has been gaining the attention of big names in the luxury world. As well as developing their own product lines, the company creates high-quality products for Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Ackermann, Lanvin and others. Norlha’s creations can be found in China at Beijing's Aman Resort Summer Palace."
"'Luxury' is not about losing yourself in modern facilities but getting back in touch with what has become increasingly rare - our connection with nature."
"Norlha Textiles—a leading enterprise in Tibet and one of the few local brands in the world to combine cultural and environmental sustainability with the aspirations of discerning customers..."
"Today Norlha’s sumptuous, high quality product line has expanded from scarves and clothing to home goods and accessories, all shipped from a thriving e-commerce platform to world capitals from Beijing to Paris and New York."
"'Back to the roots' includes independent companies innovating in the essence of luxury: extreme quality and extraordinary craftsmanship to create the ultimate sensorial and emotional experience. For companies such as Vignes, Thomas Mercer, Miramar by Mauro Colagreco, Norlha and Brunello Cucinelli, luxury is rooted in a terroir and a sense of purposes permeates this endeavor. "
"Breaking into the French fashion industry usually takes decades, or even generations. But if a brand is born with that Parisian artisanal spirit..."
"One of the pioneers of the adult clothing end of China’s ethical and ecological movement is Norlha, a high-end accessories brand producing goods made from locally sourced yak wool."
"Sustainability, a recap of the traditional manufacturing art of weaving wool yarn, and keeping an eye on the luxury fashion market are the ingredients of one of the most exciting tales of our time."