Norlha VIP

A rewards program for the Norlha faithful - for those who want the finest look and most comfortable feel while empowering the Tibetan community.

For each dollar spent on Norlha's online store, receive one point towards your life-long membership. Each rewards level represents revered and rare Tibetan gemstones. 



Amber is believed to increase luck and strength while at the same time calms the mind. In ancient times, it was believed to have the ability to bestow special powers to magicians.

$100 gift card
Early Access to new collections
Amber-Only exclusive promotions and offers



Pearls have a close connection with the moon, give wisdom and success, and are also a helpful aid in love relationships.

$250 gift card
Access to VIP-only collections
Custom initials embroidered on select items
Pearl-Only exclusive promotions and offers



Crystal is known as the master healer, and can ward off negative energy, as well as amplify positive energy and prayer. It can have a balancing effect on all levels of the mind and aids in concentration and memory.

$500 gift card
Access to VIP-only collections
Custom and personalized orders
Crystal-Only exclusive promotions and offers
2-night stay at Norden Camp for two ($1,250 value)



For many Tibetans, the family wealth is in large part stored in the large coral ornaments which are worn during special occasions. Coral is believed to have special powers of protection and to give courage to the wearer.

$1,000 gift card
Coral-Only exclusive promotions and offers
6-Day Tibetan Immersion at Norden Camp for two ($5,000 value)



Turquoise is the most loved stone by Tibetans. It is the symbol of friendship, and can also bring peace to the home. It is a very personal stone and is said to take on the characteristics of the wearer. It can also be used to heal stomach and digestion problems, as well as purify the blood.




Dzi is one of the most mysterious stones in existence, with its origins unknown. It is believed by Tibetans to be created supernaturally - worn by the Gods as ornaments then thrown down to Earth.