Feather Light Shawl

Color: Stormy Grey

Weaving Silk in the warp and yak wool in the weft, it takes an advanced weaver to find the subtle balance between the yak and silk fibers and maintain an always perfect edge. There are currently only three weavers at the Norlha Atelier who can create this scarf.

An all weather scarf or shawl, the Yak Khullu provides the warmth and is strengthened by the silk.

Please note, this union somehow sees the fibers come alive, and it is not unheard of that the yak fiber can react to humidity in the air and get a slight wrinkle. Once back in dry air the scarf will flatten, or you can dampen and iron on a low heat.

Styled with: Lhamo Cotton Trousers
Composition: 50% Yak Khullu, 50% Silk
Weight: 180 grams
Size: 110 x 220cm
Finishing: Rolled handsewn edge 
Origin: Handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau

Norlha is responsible for our impact on the environment, our employees, the community, and our customers.

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