Home Cleanse Kit

Color: Home Cleanse Kit

In the spirit of giving and SAGADAWA, with each purchase we are offering a Cleanse Kit to our customers, as well as someone here in Ritoma.

Please note, we are now out of stock of the soap. If you would like the juniper, please add to your order.

The Lhasang, or juniper incense offering, is a ritual of purification originally practiced by the Bon to appease and please local deities, and later, by Buddhists. It typically uses juniper whose fragrant smoke is believed to dispel the defilements, illnesses and other obstacles. As the juniper smoke travels up to the heavens it attracts the blessings of the gods and bodhisattvas, becoming a passageway for their wisdom and power which descend and fill the participants endowing them with a sense of well-being, happiness and realisation.

For centuries, Tibetan nomads, who are constantly exposed to the elements, have used yak milk and butter for treating cracked skin and sunburn due to the harsh climate on the Plateau.
Drawing inspiration from this traditional practice, Kadhak incorporate organic milk and butter in their skincare products. Kadhak means ‘primordially pure’ in Tibetan language. It describes the state of basic goodness which is true to all beings. You will receive either an organic Yak butter charcoal soap, or an organic Yak butter Sandalwood soap.

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