Nostalgia Yak Wool & Cashmere Blanket

Colour: Night Blue

Taking five days to handspin the different wool, this textured blanket combines the best of the two animals that typify the exceptionally fine wools of the High Central Asian Plateau; the yak, purveyor of khullu and the goat, giver of cashmere. The Yak khullu is handspun into ‘Crazy’, uneven thread, heavy in the weft and held together by cashmere in the warp

Composition: 70% Yak Khullu, 30% Cashmere
Size: 140 x 220cm
Weight: 1800 grams
Finishing: Rolled Edge
Origin: Handspun and handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau.
Norlha is responsible for our impact on the environment, our employees, the community, and our customers. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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