Berry Fields Yak Wool Blanket

Color: Blueberry and Yak White

Norlha’s artisans employ a unique and lengthy process of dyeing the wool and alternatively hand spinning the two hues into a single wool thread. This labour intensive process takes one spinner 23 days to spin.
A beautifully soft weave in dusky pink or blue with white yak khullu, this elegant ethically made wool blanket will be passed on for generations.
Norlha is responsible for our impact on the environment, our employees, the community, and our customers. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Composition: 100% Yak Khullu
Size: 110x220cm
Weight: 860 grams
Finishing: Rolled Edge
Origin: Handspun and handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau

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