Ink and Night Blue
Ink and Night Blue
Ink and Night Blue
Ink and Night Blue
Ink and Night Blue

Nomad All Weather Scarf

100% Yak Khullu
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Ink and Night Blue
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A meandering river, bold but reasonable, warm and generously large, enveloping and so lusciously soft. Playing on the natural shades of yak, our skilled weavers have achieved a masterful pattern with color gradation that take you from bright to subtle and back. Matches the mood of a winter sky.

Composition: 100% Yak Khullu
Size: 70x190cm
Weight: 240 grams
Finishing: 2cm Fringe without knot (pictured 4cm)
Origin: Handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau


Norlha offers worldwide shipping through DHL and SF Express. 

As Norlha’s Atelier is located in the remote village of Ritoma on the Tibetan Plateau, please kindly allow two weeks for shipping.

Tracking notifications will be sent within 3-5 business days after order placement. 

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Yak Khullu's Important Benefits

Yaks survive in one of the world's harshest environments thanks to a thick layer of down called khullu that protects them from the extreme cold. Soft and enduring, the unique properties of yak khullu translate into a range of exceptional products. Khullu naturally molts at the end of winter and the yak's fiber is gathered at that time, before it falls, in a process that is natural and peaceful.


Khullu is a fiber of many virtues, one of which is durability. We carefully select the finest quality fiber from thousands of animals from across the Tibetan plateau and process it without bleaching.


Yaks are neither clipped nor combed for their fiber and are never deprived of their natural protection. Khullu is gently detached from the yaks during their natural molting season.


Norlha uses only the softest possible khullu, the baby yak's first molt. Baby yaks, called yeko, are born with a soft layer of down that they shed at the end of their second year.


Khullu, which grows under yaks' characteristic black hair, functions as the yaks' primary insulation from the harsh cold of winters on the Tibetan plateau.