Nomad Connection Oversized Shawl / Blanket

$460 $650
Color: Red

This ruggedly soft blanket is woven from 100% yak wool. Its loose, basket-like weave gives lightness and a textured effect.

It takes around four yaks to create this piece. Each yak on average naturally sheds 500 grams of khullu at the end of each spring, and after the wool has been cleaned there is at most 15% wool which can be woven.

Composition: 100% yak khullu
Size: 110 × 250 cm
Provenance: Handwoven at Norlha's atelier on the Tibetan Plateau.

Care: Use a mild detergent or regular shampoo and carefully hand-wash by submerging in cold water for 10–15 minutes. Alternatively, machine wash using the cold, delicate setting. Dry flat or on a clothesline away from direct sunlight; do not wring dry or tumble dry. To keep the fibre in optimal condition, gently steam iron. During the warmer months, clean and store your scarf in a ziplock bag, preferably with moth repellent.

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