As 2021 comes to a close, we look back with pride at the trajectory and challenges that we rode during this second pandemic marked year. Spread out over four continents, Asia, North and South America and Europe, our team coordinated daily to sustain Norlha’s mission of empowering a local community as artists of the rare Yak Khullu through our ethical Tibetan Enterprise. 

As a small-scale enterprise, the key to Norlha’s long term success is our commitment to being a circular business, driven by a strategy of values, primarily, value over volume. We strive to raise the value of our nature and culture through a sustainable enterprise where natural and monetary resources are regenerative, not exploitive. At Norlha, we believe in positive luxury.

Our focus in 2021, has been a continuation of our commitment to the Norlha community spanning from the makers of our products to our customers around the world. We are honored and humbled by B-corp for our ‘Best of the World’ award, a recognition for being a part of the top 10 percentile of companies who make the greatest community impact in the world. As we completed our 14th year at Norlha, we celebrated this award with 15 more artisans who completed 10 years with us, training and perfecting their skills to maturity. This brought the percentage of artisans having completed ten or more years at Norlha to 46%.

The dedication of our artists was matched by our trainers in technique, design and marketing, who joined us from around the world, working through different time zones carried by our shared belief in the exceptional qualities of yak fiber. Norlha became a virtual bridge of cultural exchange as artisans on the Tibetan Plateau worked with designers and fellow artisans spread out over the globe. The launch of each collection saw an improvement of products rather than seeking yearly novelty. The year concluded with customers from 32 different countries, broadening our community of people who believe and support our creation of Values and Value over volume. We want to give our heartfelt thanks to each and every owner of a Norlha creation; one that can last a lifetime and be passed down over generations.

We would also like to thank companies such as Selfridges, Mr. Porter, Louis Vuitton and egg trading for their collaborations with Norlha. Each collaboration brings us the encouragement and strength to continue to pursue our vision. International Press has also been extremely supportive of Norlha’s story and we have received publications across 7 different countries in 23 different publications including World of Interiors, Modern House, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

Last but not least, 2021 saw one of Norlha’s biggest one time investments in the creation of our local showroom. This space embodies our commitment to a Circular business model and has been built right at the heart of Norlha; in Ritoma Village. Through this endeavor we hope to bring the Norlha community together, from buyers to the makers, to the land where the product is born. The Norlha showroom is set to open in the late spring of 2022 and with it, we hope people in China and around the world can see the artisans, the culture and of course the beloved yak, from which the products they love originate.  

The Norlha team wishes you a safe, joyous and abundant 2022.