Every order placed from 21st ~ 28th September will receive a handwritten calligraphy Peace Blessing.

"May the world enjoy boundless peace", Calligraphy by Gedun Jamtso a monk from Labrang Monastery


Every being enjoys the happiness that emanates from a world free of conflict. Peace is achieved through the collective responsibility and effort that pool together the kindness and compassion of each, transforming them into a meaningful force for change. Peace is realizing not only what true happiness means, but also that it lies in the hands of each human being. Be kind, be compassionate and peace will follow.

A  poem on peace and compassion composed and recited  by one of Norlha’s Managers Jampa Dhundup


Radiating rays of Love bring warmth to beings

A life that evolves free of illness brings the mind happiness

The fulfilment of peace of body and mind is reflected by the smile on your face.

 A peaceful environment gives rise to true happiness  


Respect of the natural environment and harmonious living brings peace for those who dwell in it.

Freedom of conflict gives rise to compassionate beings,

Who live and work together, like members of a family

People giving  each other a helping hand are the cause for a  harmonious environment.