Fashion Revolution

When Norlha was founded in 2007, its core principle was transparency. We created products that could be traced back to their origin, with a raw material bought at a fair price, with every stage of transformation controlled by Norlha to give our customers the very best that this fiber, yak khullu, can offer. Our efforts did not stop at the product, though; the whole reason behind Norlha being where it is, in a small village on the Tibetan Plateau, was to have this transformation of raw material into finished product done by the people living there.

Norlha’s products are the result of many parts; a rare fiber with exceptional qualities, a high level of workmanship and rigorous quality control. Another, less obvious though essential, ingredient to this complex mix is enthusiasm, pride in one’s work, and an endeavor for perfection. These integral parts of Norlha’s DNA rely entirely on the happiness index of Norlha employees, on their willingness to dedicate their efforts to the common goal, which relies on the confidence they have on being treated fairly.

Norlha never had to change its ways to embrace the principles outlined by Fashion Revolution because it is what we do, what we believe in and live for.