The Handspun Nostalgia Blanket is one of Norlha’s signature pieces. The 100% yak khullu blanket is the heaviest weave produced at Norlha Atelier.  The khullu has been masterfully handspun by artisans at Norlha Atelier, following a tradition that has been passed down among the women of the plateau’s nomad communities for generations.RHYTHM 
To begin, Thadi adopts a careful rhythm to coordinate the movements of their hands and feet at the wheel as they create a perfectly fine, even thread. The practice has historically been linked to mindfulness and meditation practices, and for many spinners at Norlha, spinning and reciting Buddhist prayers go hand in hand, as repeated mantras accompany their rhythmic movements.HAND SPINING
As Dolma Tso, another spinner at Norlha Atelier expresses: ‘Spinning has a soothing effect; like a river flowing, continuous, dependable and never-ceasing.’ Here Thadi hand spins the yak khullu fibre, with the fibre of over 48 yaks used to weave the Nostalgia Blanket. It takes her 5 days to spin enough thread for a single blanket.PREPARING THE WARP
This blanket's naturally white fibre is entirely unbleached. White yak khullu is exceptionally rare, with only one in every thousand animals possessing an albino coat. For this Nostalgia Blanket the white khullu is dyed to achieve a rich, even tangerine tone. Here Genden prepares the warp for weaving.WEAVING
It takes 12 hours to weave and finish the Nostalgia blanket in a handloom. The blanket’s handspun weft creates a densely textured, wave-like pattern with a ruggedly soft touch. Here we Pagpa Tso weaves the blanket.IRONING & STEAMING 
The finished product is ironed and steamed by Tselo. In total, it takes between 15 artisans and 13  processes to make the Handspun Nostalgia Blanket.FINAL PIECE
A handspun piece has an organic feel and a comforting ruggedness that blends softness and dependability. Fine, handspun yak wool retains its pliability and smoothness – qualities that only mature with time.’ – Kim Yeshi, Norlha president and co-founder.