2023 has been a year of revival for Norlha. The aftermath of the pandemic left us rebuilding, reinventing and reflecting. Normalcy felt like a luxury, bringing a renewed appreciation for all that the Pandemic did not and could not take from us. We remain strengthened by the community and nature surrounding us, which drive our motivation and inspiration.

Norlha ends the year with 102 local employees, of whom 68% are women. We have three full-time and four part-time expats spread over three continents. With the opening of international borders this year, we welcomed our Creative team back to Ritoma for a summer of inspiration and creation. The rhythm and pace of life on the plateau is the undercurrent that carries our creativity forward. Our stories, images, and products embody the sensitivity and simplicity that evoke the majesty of life and nature on the Plateau.In 2023 we successfully launched two new Collections. The bountiful yet precious water on the Tibetan Plateau inspired our S/S collection. The pieces were lightweight, flowing, and diaphanous, woven into a delicate balance of Yak Khullu and Silk. In September of 2023, we launched our A/W collection, illustrating the synergy between people and the natural world on the Tibetan Plateau. The balance of colors subtly referenced this fruitful coexistence. These two collections were sold in 39 countries primarily through our online channels. 

This year also saw the opening of our flagship store on the roof of the Atelier in Ritoma Village. The space looks out onto the rolling hills surrounding us and down into the Atelier. Here, our guests can truly experience the people, the process, and the inspiration behind our products. As most of our visitors travel from afar, the opening of our newly renovated onsite guesthouse allows them to spend some quiet time in our unique environment.    

Even the skies relented this year, and the drought of the past two years was broken with a soft sprinkle of showers throughout the summer months. The most stubborn ground burst into bloom, and the rhythm and balance of nature were restored. As we enter another year, the challenges of a shifting economy loom ahead. Yet, we remain firm in our commitment to our principles of a product of quality through a rooted and happy workforce.  

Wishing the World a New Year filled with Peace and Happiness,