Curated news is a bi-monthly newsletter showcasing ideas, initiatives and practices from around the world and here in Ritoma.  Bringing insight, connection and nourishment. 


Contemplate this imaginary collection of archaeological objects in ‘Hermes- Unesco,’ by Martin Bollati.Consider repair as a transient craft practice in “Mending at the Margins,” by Diamond Abdulrahim.

Investigate the history, ecology, and global dynamics of wool production in “Oltre Terra” by Formafantasma. 


C O N N E C T  

Discover the story of Moyenne Island, a place transformed into the smallest national park in the world.

Experience gold and silver weave with fibers in the work of Colombian textile artist Olga de Amaral. Explore antique maps and atlases in this vast digital archive of  The Sunderland Collection. 

Learn about the sacred and beautiful practice of aboriginal bark painting from Yirrkala, Australia.


N O U R I S H 

Immerse in Tree Drawings, an ongoing project by Tim Knowle’s with trees. Ground in the age-old ritual of stone-stacking in the wild. 

with the peaceful healing mantras of Drukmo Gyal, a Tibetan born singer. 

Conserve the Parana wetlands in Argentina with artist Alexandra Kehayoglou.


L O C A L  N E W S

On September 11th, the men of Ritoma Village paid tribute to the local deities who dwell on Ritoma’s highest point, Amne Tongri, at 4200 mtrs above sea level. This Laptse ceremony is an integral part of pastoral life and a way to show respect to the local masters of the hills, rivers, and lakes. In Ritoma, where the most important local deity, Amnye Tongra, occupies the highest hill, the clan members pledge allegiance and request his support and protection from drought, disease, and misfortune. They make offerings of incense, food, and even brocade, which they burn, and plant their clan arrows into a tower-like structure that dominates a hill and can be seen from miles away.On the 6th of October, three days following the return of the nomads to their winter houses, a representative of each family circled Rintoma’s winter grazing area on horseback, each carrying a volume from the Monastery’s most sacred scriptures tied to their backs. This sacred circumambulation is done for the protection and good fortune of the community, who will spend the upcoming months in their winter pastures.

Norlha’s annual Tea sponsorship fell on the 22nd of November, the 10th day of the 10th Month of the lunar Calendar. A group of 15 Norlha employees made over a 1000 momos to host the day’s meal. The rest of the Atelier attended the morning prayers in the Grand Assembly Hall. The prayers were dedicated to all Norlha employees.