A Norlha Marriage

Nyingkar Dolma was 25 when she married Jamyang Dondup last fall. It was a traditional marriage arranged by a matchmaker. Jamyang is from Ritoma and had joined Norlha the previous year, working in the sales department. Nyingkar Dolma is from the nearby area of Tsayig, her father is a nomad/farmer. She finished high school and came to work digitizing carpet designs for Norlha’s Labrang carpet workshop. She said she preferred a more focused career to a college degree and plans to take a course in accounting.

 Tibetan marriages present several options; the bride can join the groom’s family or the groom can join the bride’s family. In either case a bride or groom price is paid to the family sending off their son or daughter. Nowadays, there is a new option where the young couple, who is financially independent set up their own household. Nyingkar Dolma became a bride in her new husband’s family, though she plans to engage in studies before joining him in Ritoma.