Chador Khorchen

Past Ritoma Monastery, hidden from view on a hill is a small temple devoted to the meditational deity Chanadorje. It was built in the late 18th century by Je Khedup Tenzin, also the founder of Ritoma Monastery, a disciple of the 2nd and 3rd Khunchen Rinpoche or Jamyang Shepa. When Khedup Tenzin first visited Ritoma, he did a retreat on the site of Chador Khorchen, the site of a renowned natural stone manifestation of Chana dorje, on which grew hair. Following the retreat, a small temple was built to commemorate it, and the site became famous for its healing powers.

Today, people come from all over Tibet to receive Chanadorje’s blessings and become cured of their illnesses. Chador Khorchen is a favorite circumambulatory spot, also offering a few rooms for visiting pilgrims.