Colors and Moods of fall

Fall on the grassland slowly brings in an overhaul in mood and color, the endless prairie turning from an exuberant and overwhelming green to a gradual and final yellow. In plain sight, it may look like a palette of light gold against the intense blue of the sky but the subtleties are many. Fall is the time when nature pours out its final gifts; a time when man and animals can harvest the best from crops or plants, when insects get the final boon before disappearing in the face of winter.

A walk on the grassland reveals a rich micro fauna; miniature gardens gathered around small mounds that change with the seasons, and have their finale in rich rusts and reds. Rock fungi turn a bright orange, bushes going into various shades of pink and magenta or and bushes yield red berry that the children scramble to gather. Every year, fall brings us new inspiration; color, feel and texture to share from the Plateau to the world.