Curated news is a bi-monthly newsletter showcasing ideas, initiatives and practices from around the world and here in Ritoma. We hope these findings bring you fresh insights, a renewed sense of connection and grounding nourishment.

I N S I G H T  

Learn about the traditional Mixtec craft of dyeing with purpura snail from the ocean.

Discover how Simon Ballen transforms waste products of gold mining into beautiful glass objects.

Experience Erik Bergrin’s latest work inspired by Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice and cycles of death and rebirth.

C O N N E C T 

Venture to Utopia, home to a group of aboriginal craftswomen who worked with Batik in the 80s.

Participate in this virtual conversation on curating, collecting and Indian textiles on Wednesday, April 20.

Attend Central Saint Martins webinar on Art and Migration led by artist Sara Shamsavari on Tuesday, May 26.

Collect seeds with Biblioteca Semillas, a seed library in Oaxaca.

N O U R I S H 

Follow the sacred route of the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan.

Listen to songs inspired by folk herbalism and nature with Kelsey Berret of Land of Verse.

Care for our trees, water and minerals with this reminder from Indigenous Elder Mamo Rumaldo Lozano Gil. 


Feb 15th: 5 boys in Ritoma marked the 15th day of the New Lunar Year by becoming monks and thereby committing to a lifetime's study of Buddhism.

Feb 24th: Norlha Atelier re-opened after a month of New Year festivities. Many spent their holiday at home visiting family and friends. Several small horse races and basketball games took place over the month.

March 13th: The men of Ritoma village assembled on the top of Amni Tongri, the highest peak of Ritoma at 4200 mtrs. They arrived on horseback saddled with offerings of barley and butter. The morning was spent in prayers and offerings to the local deities asking for peace and prosperity for the year ahead.