Curated news is a bi-monthly newsletter showcasing ideas, initiatives and practices from around the world and here in Ritoma.  Bringing insight, connection and nourishment. 

I N S I G H T  

Understand the world of Tibetan ritual objects with Sothebys. 
Contemplate how nomadism today is related to traditional cultures of the past.
Ponder the traces of nature in, ‘A Journey In, On and With the Pacific Ocean’ by Peter Matthews.

C O N N E C T  

Discover the story of the Anou, a collective of Moroccan artisan weavers. 

See how pine needles can be transformed into forest wool with designer Tamara Orjola. 
Listen to Céline Semaan discuss why slowing down is essential for our collective survival.

N O U R I S H 

Immerse into the present with ‘Sonic Meditations’ by Pauline Oliveros.
Reflect on the precious textile offerings for the afterlife with Pre-Columbian Paracas funerary mantles.
Remember the hidden beauty of seeds and fruits with British photographer Levon Biss.

L O C A L 

On August 24th the men of Ritoma Village paid tribute to the local deities who dwell on Ritoma’s highest point, Amne Tongri, at 4200mtrs above sea level. The men started out on horseback at dawn, completing their prayers and offerings by noon, and returning to their encampment at the base of the mountain. The following two days were spent feasting and horse racing.

Norlha’s annual tea sponsorship fell on October 10th, an auspicious day marked by a full moon. A group of 15 Norlha employees made over 1000 momos to host the day’s meal. Each monk received a stipend from Norlha to help support a life in meditation, study and prayer.

On the 21st of October, three days following the return of the nomads to their winter houses, a representative of each family circled Ritoma’s winter grazing area on horseback, each carrying a volume from the Monastery’s most sacred scriptures tied to their backs. This sacred circumambulation is done for the protection and good fortune of the community, who will spend the upcoming months in their winter pastures.