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Nomad Steppes

Enter the New Year with Nomad Steppes, Norlha’s wildest, warmest weave. Like the expanse of Steppe on the Plateau, home to an endless variation of terrain, flora and fauna, Nomad Steppes, whether as scarf or blanket reflects the variations found in nature.

Grassland, marshland, arid in winter, lush and flower filled in summer, the Tibetan steppe is the kingdom of the yak; they graze on the lush grassland, feeds on the plants from which they draw the nutrients which provide their rich milk, then fertilize the soil with their dung. Their hooves work the flying seeds into the ground, ready to sprout the following year. Woven from three different types of handspun thread, fine and ‘crazy and the three natural shades of the yak, brown, grey and white,

Nomad Steppe it is a marvel in technique, design and beauty, a wonderful way to start the year and a tribute to the environment of the Tibetan Plateau.