Norlha textiles were created from the union of precious khullu and the skilled hands of local artisans. Together, they wove and spun a way of life embodied in the décor at Norden Camp. Norlha’s sister company.

Established in 2013, Norden was born from the desire to share the unknown splendors of Tibetan nomadic life with the outside world. Founded by Yidam, born into a nomadic family, and his wife Dechen, daughter of a Tibetan father and European mother, Norden exemplifies a community searching for their voice in a time of change.

Located on winter pasture on the Sangke Grassland at 3,200 meters in altitude, the camp blends the lush landscapes of the Tibetan plateau with contemporary interiors and carefully curated local food, ambiance and experiences. Taking a uniquely Tibetan perspective, Norden builds upon the foundations of ancient traditions to explore new terrains and define a contemporary Tibet.Norden, defines the other form of luxury that is Norlha; its tents and log cabins exude the warmth and comfort brought about by the carpets, soft furnishings, blankets and throws made by Norlha. Set on the Tibetan High Plateau grassland in a winter pasture surrounded by low trees, flowering bushes and meandering streams, Norden is an experience that introduces the visitor to the environment of the grassland, its food and culture. Norden is an immersion to the surrounding ecosystem, tempered by an organic comfort that demonstrates a unique way of using local raw materials.Norden is built from respect both for the plateau and our community. All structures are built above ground and the camp could be folded up in a matter of days, leaving the pasture intact, as a nomad camp would. Norden is a mirror for an inclusive and conscious change; we adapt to today’s reality and provide paths for the nomadic community around us to take advantage of the what change has brought them. 
Staying in one place has given us the power to observe what we have, how to appreciate it and transform it so that it serves us and our community: From experimenting with nomad’s basic staples for our menus at Norden, to creating unique spaces where the grounding nature of the Plateau can be observed in comfort, and redefining our use and appreciation for the simplicity of furniture and implements made for a life on the move. Norden provides employment for local youths, the future voice for the community, and offers a window for them to see into how other people appreciate what they may have taken for granted all their lives. In 2016, Yidam Kyap, our founder, helped a group of 20 families set up the Lungta Cooperative with their 200 yaks.

From using local material and traditional building techniques to their mission, Lungta is a transition and a space for exploring the potentials of nomadic way of living on the plateau today. While Lungta produces dairy products for the local market,  visitors can also experience immersion in a nomad environment by visiting or staying at their cooperative. They also provide milk for Yidam’s nearby cheese factory, which transforms the milk into high quality cheese based on French know how.