Norlha in a Swiss Chalet

Obersimmenthal is a beautiful valley in the Swiss Alps, dotted with chalets and clusters of pine trees, where the ringing of cowbells chimes in through the crisp air. The “Norlha” chalet, nicknamed as such for it being the perfect backdrop to illustrate Norlha Lifestyle, is a recently renovated 16th century structure. The exterior has maintained its original look while the inside was skillfully transformed to accommodate modern living, all the while preserving the essence and character of its heritage. The Tibetan Plateau and the Swiss Alps combine in perfect harmony; the warmth of a traditional chalet, with its raw wood and stone finish, seamlessly blends with the coziness of yak wool. Norlha’s carpets, cushions, blankets and throws, woven or felted in Ritoma, naturally enhance the atmosphere of unassuming, subtle yet deep comfort exuded by this chalet, a refuge for many generations of Swiss mountaineers.