Norlha's Children

There is a little group of children, mostly belonging to the Norlha Managers who come and storm the office every day at 4:30 and on Saturdays, waiting around for their fathers or mother to finish work. Depending on the parent, they may be pinned down to do their homework in a corner, but they mostly form a little pack that storms through, knocking off a few yuan from sympathizers for buying snacks at the local shop, then consume the goodies, in one office or another, before moving on to play in the courtyard. Dechen has given her office over to them so they can be contained when the weather is not contusive to outdoor play.

Since we produce and market a kids collection, it was inevitable that sooner or later their talents be harnessed to model. The earliest shoot was in 2012, and more followed yearly. For the kids, it is a party, sometimes involving a short excursion, play and snacks. They are now quite good at it, and know exactly what to do.