The dramatic seasonal transformations of the Tibetan Plateau inform the direction of Norlha’s scarves and garments for Autumn Winter 2022.

As the frosty winter winds roll in from the north, autumn descends on the plateau. The moon rises early over the hills, the sky turns a piercing ice blue, and the moss green terrain becomes cloaked in deep snow.
At Norlha Atelier in Ritoma Village, the plateau’s seasonal transitions influence the design and production of the world’s finest yak khullu scarves and garments. The changing landscape is echoed in the evolution of handmade and hand-treated items, like Norlha’s remarkable boiled yak khullu pieces, which, through the process of submerging and agitating in hot water, change texture entirely. Beginning as loosely woven fabrics, these boiled pieces transform as their fibres expand and compress – creating extra tightness and density in the weave without added weight. Boiled yak khullu holds tiny pockets of air within its fibres, allowing the fabric to preserve heat and guard against wind and moisture, providing natural insulation against even the harshest conditions. Boiling also has the effect of giving yak khullu fabric a richly soft and downy touch that feels immensely warming and luxurious.

Norlha’s boiled yak khullu Shawl Collar Coat for women and men envelopes the body in softness and warmth with an oversized, floor-length silhouette. With generous sleeves and an open front, it is ideal for winter layering. This season’s boiled scarves like the Rider, Nomad Grid and Nomad Check – along with the Nomad Net Boiled Scarf from Norlha’s core collection – are intensely soft against the skin with a soothing density that makes the body feel cocooned and protected all winter long.