The Nostalgia blanket is one of Norlha’s signature pieces. Woven from a handspun thread we call Crazy Thread, Nostalgia is an imposing presence, marked by its comforting weight, enveloping warmth and its ruggedly soft touch. Crazy Thread has a story of its own. Yak wool is a short fiber, one that takes the experienced hand of an artisan to spin the perfectly even thread most of our weaves require. When we asked our spinners to do the opposite and purposely weave uneven Crazy Thread, they were confused and we had to rely on the flexibility of our very best spinners to make the switch or exclusively spin Crazy Thread.  Despite its name, Crazy Thread is anything but crazy. The various thicknesses from a single thread requires a careful and knowing hand and it takes a Norlha artisan five days to spin the thread needed for a single blanket. Nostalgia is a dreaming companion; blue like the night sky, its natural white border marking the contrast of the moon and stars.

R A W   M A T E R I A L 
Dolma Tso hand spinning yak khullu fibre, with the fibre of over 48 yaks used to weave the blanket.


It takes a Norlha artisan five days to spin enough thread for a single blanket.

P R E P A R I N G  T H E   W A R P 

Jigshe Tso hands preparing the warp, representing one of five artisans involved across the entire process.

W E A V I N G 

Pagpa Tso weaving the blanket on the handloom.

F I N I S H I N G 

Gombo Kyi & Lumo Tso placing  finishing touches to the blanket with hand detailing.

S T E A M I N G 

 Tselo Steaming the finished blankets, it takes 12 hours to weave and finish the blanket..

N O S T A L G I A  H A N D P S U N   B L A N K E T

 This 100% yak khullu blanket is the heaviest weave produced at Norlha Atelier.

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