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The Bright Side of Winter

In early September, the bright green of the pasture begins to fade into ochre, then yellow. Soon, all that is left of the intensity of summer and the riot of color brought by an exuberance of wildflowers is blue sky and white snow. At Norlha, we decided that winter could be bright and full of color, of laughing children and joy.

As the nomads were getting ready for winter, grazing their animals in the harvested fields, we brought our children to play among the thousands of yak and sheep. They played wolf, a local game where one child, designated as the wolf, tries to tag the last child in the line, protected by the bigger ones at the front. We had one boy and six girls, and we laughed when our managers picked the boy to play the wolf. They ran up the hill, then down the hill, running back for snacks. A great day for all, in our Nomad Pop scarves!

Fun Fact: There was a baby boom at Norlha in 2010... Our family welcomed 14 children that year!