Noisy and boisterous, Wind on the Tibetan Plateau animates the multitude of prayer flags, transporting with it the luck-bringing wind horse throughout the grassland, moves billowing clouds across the endless sky, and playfully allows eagles and vultures to glide the skies as they survey the grassland for prey or food. Each season has its wind. In Spring, the Red Wind sweeps across the bare pasture from west to east, kicking up loose earth and giving the earth a reddish tint… Strong, it marks winter’s final farewell, sending the animals cowering for shelter in the valleys. Red wind is known to blow for seven days, the seven brothers of the wind.

Fall brings the Yellow Wind. Soft, it blows from South-west to North east though the dry grass that contrasts with the blue sky. It gently nudges forward the fall grass and foliage, helping emphasize their golden tint.

The Black Wind belongs to winter. Howling through the grass grazed thin by animals, it kicks up the dust into dark storms. The Plateau’s race horses are named after this thundering wind that blows from the north east into the south west sunset, bringing iciness in its wake and foreshadowing strong snowfall.