Superwrap Handspun Blanket (Natural White Base)

Colour: Natural Yak White

This luxurious blanket is handwoven from 100% natural white yak khullu. Its thread is masterfully handspun by a single artisan over the course of 11 days – ensuring the finest and softest yak wool thread possible. Its dense weave offers rugged warmth and a comforting weight which is ideal for the colder months. The degree of care taken in its creation ensures it will last long enough to be kept and passed onto future generations.

This blanket's naturally white fibre is entirely unbleached. White yak khullu is exceptionally rare, with only one in every thousand animals possessing an albino coat. 

Sizing: 120 x 250cm
Finishing: 1cm fringe on two ends
Composition: 100% White Yak khullu
Provenance: Handwoven at Norlha's atelier on the Tibetan Plateau.

Care: Use a mild detergent or regular shampoo and carefully hand-wash by submerging in cold water for 10–15 minutes. Alternatively, machine wash using the cold, delicate setting. Dry flat or on a clothesline away from direct sunlight; do not wring dry or tumble dry. To keep the fibre in optimal condition, gently steam iron. During the warmer months, clean and store your blanket in a ziplock bag, preferably with moth repellent.

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