Curated news is a bi-monthly newsletter showcasing ideas, initiatives and practices from around the world and here in Ritoma.  Bringing insight, connection and nourishment. 

I N S I G H T  

Ponder the transformation of the Mola, a craft ebbing between tradition and modernity.  
Consider materiality with Roosmarijn Pallandt’s textiles made from tree bark and plant stem fiber. 
Contemplate art, connection and community with Maria Lai’s intervention, “Legarsi alla Montagna” (1981).

C O N N E C T  

Participate in collective action through knitting and quiltmaking as part of the Welcome Blanket project.
Discover ancient textiles, ceramics and Buddhist objects from the Silk Road in the V&A Stein Collection. 
Attend the Prada Frames symposium curated by Formafantasma exploring environment and design.

N O U R I S H 

Immerse yourself into the sensuous choreography of Pina Bausch. 

Get lost
in the intuitive and spiritual work of outside artist Guo Fengyi.
Integrate your body with “Energy Ecstasy and the Seven Vital Chakras.”

L O C A L  N E W S

On the 15th of May, the Ritoma people assembled at the monastery and unfurled their Kyigu, or giant thangka, one representing Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom in celebration of Sagadawa, the day the Buddha was born. 

On the first of June, over a hundred women from Ritoma performed a communal Nyune fasting ritual. The idea behind fasting is to become aware of the sufferings of sentient beings who experience hunger, and develop compassion for them. It is also a way to reflect on one’s good fortune for having enough food and for developing awareness for not wasting that food.

On the 17th of July, the monks of Ritoma Monastery as well as a representative from each family assembled at the Song Due Laptse for a cleansing ritual called Yul tri (translated literally as 'Washing the homeland'). The prayers and rituals performed are to cleanse the land and create conditions where the water and earth as well as human intentions are cleansed of any impurities, bringing harmony between nature, people and animals.