To celebrate the launch of the new core collection, all online orders made through June 13th will receive 10% off with the code COMFORT, in addition to being automatically entered to win a Nomad Classic Boiled Throw. This 100% yak khullu throw is created by one artisan using a four-pedal loom and features blanket stitching along its four sides. The finished fabric is boiled for added density and an incredibly soft, fleece-like touch.

R A W   M A T E R I A L 
The Nomad Classic Boiled Throw is made using the khullu of 16 yaks sourced from a local nomad cooperative. Khullu is the ultra-fine, downy undercoat that keeps yak insulated during Tibetan winters. Each summer, the yak naturally shed this down, which is then carefully collected by hand. This throw is made using Natural Golden Brown & White Khullu.

B L A N K E T   S T I T C H
Pagpa Tso has been at Norlha for over ten years where she has developed her sewing and stitching skills. In this photo she is pictured working on the throw’s finishing. First, she makes a basting stitch that serves as a guide and then she finishes the edge with a neat blanket stitch in Golden Brown yak thread. Once this is finalised, the basting stitch is removed.

H A N D  F I N I S H I N G
Once woven, the throw is labelled and any imperfections are picked out by Gombo Kyi during the final quality control checks. Due to the natural white colour of the throw, the quality control is especially important to assure a pure natural white. The khullu used to make this throw is exceptionally rare, as only one in every thousand yak has a white coat.

I R O N I N G  A N D  S T E A M I N G
The finished throw is then ironed and steamed by Tselo. In total, it takes 14 artisans and 12 processes to make the Nomad Classic Boiled Throw.

F I N A L  P R O D U C T
This throw is specially produced at the Norlha Atelier. “We don’t apply chemicals to make our pieces excessively soft,” says Norlha founder Kim Yeshi. “It’s all about what you can achieve with natural hand-applied processes. When you touch or wear the fabric, people say you can feel a little part of the plateau on you.”

W I N  A  N O M A D  B O I L E D  T H R O W
All online orders made through June 13th will be automatically entered to win a Nomad Classic Boiled Throw.