Inspired by the nomadic way of life on the Tibetan Plateau, Norlha’s core blankets reflect the landscape’s rugged beauty and the hardiness of the people and animals who live in harmony with this harsh but spectacular environment. Each blanket is handwoven on the plateau from yak khullu sourced from local nomad cooperatives and reveals the remarkable qualities of this rare and precious wool.

The core range is predominantly woven in Norlha’s ‘Nomad’ weave, which, while incredibly soft to the touch, is also hard-wearing and resilient – made to withstand even the most challenging conditions. The weave was the first to be developed at Norlha, created when co-founders Dechen and Kim Yeshi were establishing the atelier in Ritoma Village. Kim reflects on this time:

‘In the spring of 2007, a group of newly hired and excited nomads unloaded a truck filled with second-hand looms brought over the Himalayas from Nepal. Within three months – working in tents erected as temporary workshops while the atelier was built – we had developed our first line of textiles: a thick and soft fabric in the natural, dark brown shade of the yak. We called this first fabric ‘Nomad’, and though we have since developed many more, Nomad remains our core weave.’

This collection is being launched at a time of year known in Tibet as sogwa – a period in late winter to early spring when the nomads take their yak to higher pastures. In the testing conditions of the high-altitude grasslands, nomads wear yak wool blankets as a protective outer layer, enveloping themselves in the hardy warmth of this deeply insulating textile. 
The blankets celebrate yak khullu’s natural shades complemented by a soft palette of earthy tones (golden brown, yak white, sky blue, burnt orange, fog grey) that mirror the colours of the Tibetan Plateau. 

The collection will be exclusively available at from May 16th.


In the spirit of Sagadawa and to celebrate the launch of the new core collection, we are offering all Norlha customers 10% off site wide when you enter the code COMFORT at the checkout. All online orders will also automatically be entered to win a Nomad Classic Boiled Throw. Promotion ends 13th June.
The Nomad Classic Boiled Throw is made from 100% yak khullu. This blanket is created by one artisan using a four-pedal loom and features blanket stitching along its four sides. The finished fabric is boiled for added density and an incredibly soft, fleece-like touch. This blanket has a densely hand sewn blanket stitch on all four sides. 

The blanket giveaway promotion will close on 14th June at 11.59pm GMT and the winner will be announced by EOD 15th June 2022. The winner will be notified within 24 hours of the competition closing. Once selected, the winner of the Nomad Classic Boiled Throw will be able to choose the colour of their choice. Costs of shipping will be covered by Norlha.