Delicately textured, the Felted Prince Scarf is made of 100% yak khullu. To create its double-faced design, Norlha artisans hand-felt soft, natural grey khullu to a loosely basket woven fabric. This felting process adds strength to the weave and creates a subtle textural and tonal variance.

R A W   M A T E R I A L 
The Felted Prince Scarf is made from Natural White & Grey  yak khullu left in its natural state and comes from the khullu of 2 yaks sourced from a local nomad cooperative. Each summer, the yak naturally sheds this down, which is then carefully collected by hand.

P R E P A R I N G  W A R P
Before weaving the scarf, the warp is prepared by Jigshe Tso in a very meticulous and long process that requires much concentration. 

P R E P A R I N G  L O O M
Rinchen Tso then prepares the shuttle loom, an 18th century English invention, from India and Nepal that requires no power. Thanks to the pedals and frames of this loom, artisans can weave an infinite number of patterns in minimal quantities making it perfect for a village size production center like Norlha.

For the Felted Prince Scarf, Rinchen Tso works on a loose basket weave with the fine yak thread that distinguishes this 100% Yak Khullu scarf, making it light and warm, suitable for all seasons.

At the same time, in the workshop felting room, Thamchi Dolma arranges the khullu fibres in accordance with the felt design on a large, flat table. The fibre is then dampened with water and soap that acts as a binding agent, matting the fibres together.

The artisans then roll and flatten out the fibre with their hands to form the scarf over the next hours. The skill of this process is all in the touch. As Tso, Norlha’s master felter says, “At this stage in the hand-rolling, we need to pay special attention to make sure the thickness of the felt remains even throughout the piece, the desired weight is exact and the suppleness of the felt is neither too stiff nor too elastic.”
F I N A L  P R O D U C T
The finished scarf is then ironed and steamed by Tselo. In total, it takes 15 artisans and 13 processes to make a Felted Prince Scarf.