To our community, we need your support.

Norlha began in 2007 with an ambitious vision – to save a region and a way of life that was facing decline. Since then, we have steadily grown, creating a new industry in the heart of the Tibetan Plateau with over 130 local employees. We remain committed to our founding vision and hopeful that our community can rally behind us during these difficult times to support our team in Ritoma. 

We would like to invite you to spread the word about our work, helping us to expand our ever-growing community and nominating your friends to win our signature gift set valued at over $1,000 as an introduction to Norlha. As thanks, we will offer you a gift of store credit when three or more of your friends sign up to our newsletter. 

Our signature gift set includes a signed copy of the Norlha book 'The beginning of an Extraordinary Enterprise', hand-knitted ankle socks, Nomad Herringbone blanket, and a traditional Tibetan Yak Tail ornament.


Nominate 3 or more friends who you believe would be interested in receiving the Norlha Gift Set. If they choose to sign up to our newsletter, as a thank you for your support, we will gift you: 

$25 store credit towards purchases over $150, for the first three referred subscribers, 

$50 store credit towards purchases over $250, for five referred subscribers, 

$100 store credit towards purchases over $500, for ten referred subscribers.